Global Village Properties is a multi-faceted real estate investment firm that specializes in the redevelopment of both commercial and residential real estate to create equity and grow cash flow in markets in the U.S. We are not real estate agents nor are we affiliated with any real estate agency.

We offer a wide range of investment opportunities for those who understand how real estate can provide a solid growth environment secured by the property itself. We combine extensive research, thorough due diligence, and strategic financing relationships to ensure that our investor’s returns are maximized on each property we acquire.

Global Village Properties is owned and operated by Bob Malecki, a professional real estate investor located in Kingston Washington. Since 2007, Bob has been involved with the acquisition and management of both single family and multifamily properties both in his home state of Washington as well as Memphis, Oklahoma and Alabama.

He is experienced in acquisition, rehabilitation, lease, finance, and resale of residential and commercial real estate, and has established power teams in Memphis and the greater Seattle area to facilitate creative strategies to acquire real estate at below market rates for disposition of those properties for significant gains.

Through his various operating entities, Bob has built a substantial portfolio of residential and commercial mortgage notes he holds for cash flow and long term appreciation. He currently has holdings in the southeast, midwest and northwestern U.S. areas.

In addition to his real estate background, Bob has a B.F. A. from Ohio University and has been involved with commercial advertising and marketing since 1980. In 1998 he founded with Interactive Villages LLC, an online application integration and development consulting firm with which he is still involved.